20 Year Celebration

November 2015 marked 20 years since the company was formed. Clients, suppliers and members of Parliament including the leader of the South Australian Liberal Party, Steven Marshall, were in attendance. The event highlighted MG Engineering’s contribution to the Maritime, Defence and Heavy Industrial Industries over a 20 year period.

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Completion of the Mast project for the Air Warfare Destroyer (AWD)

2 years since the award of the Mast project, the 3rd and final Mast has been completed and delivered to the Australian Submarine Corporation (ASC). The project was a success. 50,000 man hours were registered on the project including the extra scope of work added during construction. MG Engineering worked together with the client to achieve the required accuracy tolerance over the 25 meter structure within the 7mm maximum deviation allowed. MG exceeded its client’s expectations both on quality and schedule.

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Achillies Accreditation

MG Engineering was awarded accreditation from Achilles as a fully registered supplier on FPS for the following: 1.2.6 Conveyors, Feeders and Accessories, 1.8.2 Pressure Vessels, Drums, Accumulators, etc.

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