The 8 billion dollar Air Warfare Destroyer (AWD) project has been one of the most significant and high profile projects ever undertaken in Adelaide. The Construction of the AWD project consisted of the ships being assembled from blocks. MG Engineering – a proven sub-contractor for ASC - was contracted to build and deliver blocks to the Common User Facilities where the Air Warfare Destroyers were being assembled. MG Engineering was awarded the contract to build the three mast blocks for the three ships based on its previous experience in shipbuilding. The Scope of the 24m long 16m wide and 12m high mast construction included the project management of the build, 3D modelling, supply of all quality documentation which was done through Block acceptance audit including full traceability on supplied documentations, material welding and painting. Dimensional control was done by 3D theodolite and achieved accuracy on the top of the mast was 7mm. Modules were delivered by barge to Techport Common User Facility.

With the experience gained on this project MG Engineering is in an excellent position to once again assist the larger Shipyards with ship block modules for the building of Surface War Ships and Submarines with a mere 3 km between us by sea. We are very well situated for future projects supplying Adelaide’s larger shipyards.



Shell plating for the block 409 was done for the jigs; each section of the hull was 3m x12m. Shell plates were then transported by road to ASC.